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The NIV has MUCH missing Text

Bibles on the web:

  1611 KJV or 1769 Authorized KJV Online -  King James Bible Online, including the 1769 Oxford 'Authorized edition' of the King James Bible and the original 1611 King James version. Try Bible trivia quizzes at the end of each chapter, view commentaries, or interact by entering your own comments! View Bible Trivia Questions, have scripture Emailed to you, or see Recent Bible Comments!

  Bible Gateway -  This site offers several English (and non-English) Translations including the NIV, NASB, RSV, KJV, Darby, YLT and the WE. It also offers a host of other Bible Studies, Commentaries and other goodies.

  Bible Gateway KJV with audio - Jumps from a page under Sermon-Studies to the Bible Gateway listed above with certain options. 

  Blue Letter Bible -  Find scriptures as they relate to various keywords and topics. Sort of like that concordance you have in the back of your Bible.

  English Standard Version -  The ESV is an 'essentially literal' translation that seeks as far as possible to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. As such, its emphasis is on 'word-for-word' correspondence, at the same time taking into account differences of grammar, syntax, and idiom between current literary English and the original languages. Thus it seeks to be transparent to the original text, letting the reader see as directly as possible the structure and meaning of the original.

  Nave's Topical Bible -  Includes Translations in the KJV, NIV, RSV, and NASB. You can search By topics, which you enter or can look up in an alphabetical listing.

  World Wide Study Bible -  English translations include NIV, NASB, RSV, KJV, Darby, and YLT. Scripture is accompanied with hyperliks to the Henry Commentary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, and other web resources. Scriptures offered book, then chapter, then translation.

Studies and commentaries

  Geneva Study Bible -  This site offers free sermons, Bible studies, and and aids to Sunday school preparation.

  The Ray C. Stedman Library -  Ray Stedman had an encyclopedic mind and could quote hundred of poems, hymns, literary quotes and of course Bible verses. He had a wonderful and warm sense of humor. You'll find all that, as well as good sound Biblical exposition in the sermons and studies contained in this page.

Southern Baptist related.

  International Missions Board - Leading Southern Baptists to be on mission with God to bring all the peoples of the world to saving faith in Jesus Christ

  LifeWay Christian Resources

  North American Mission Board -  The North American Mission Board exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, start New Testament congregations, minister to persons in the name of Christ, and assist churches in the United States and Canada in effectively performing these functions.

  OnMission.com -  An On Mission Team is a catalytic group of growing, serving Christians whose passion and focus is to lead the local church to be on mission with God in reaching its community and its world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  Southern Baptist Convention

  Woman’s Missionary Union -  The WMU has become the largest Protestant organization for women in the world, with a membership of approximately 1 million. WMU also was the first and remains the largest body of organized laity in the Southern Baptist Convention.



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