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 Hoboes 4 Christ
an after school Bible Club

  sponsored by First Baptist Church
meeting at Laurel Hill School

The local club meets at the Laurel Hill School and is primarily promoted by First Baptist Church of Laurel Hill, with support by neighboring churches of all Christian Faiths.  All neighboring Churches are encouraged to participate as this is a non-denominational presentation of the Bible to club members.  All club members require a signed authorization to attend and participate from their parents or guardians.  The parents or guardians will provide transportation to pick up their children and are expected to provide identification.

For information concerning the Laurel Hill School Hoboes For Christ contact Pastor Mike McVay at 850-519-0120 or Tony Rowan 850-398-2749.  This is non-denominational and members and Pastors of any local church are invited to participate.

Meetings planned for 2021-2022 will be September 22nd to April 20th 
Wednesdays (when whole day is in session) from 2:15 to 3:45pm

Student Registration Forms

Adult Volunteer Screening Process
All wishing to participate must contact 
Pastor Mike McVay at 850-519-0120
or Tony Rowan 850-398-2749
And complete an appropriate screening.

Schedule of Lessons for 2021 - 2022

  Hoboes 4 Christ  2021 / 2022    
  Arrive for setup  at 2:00 PM      
  Club  time  2:15PM to 3:45 PM      
  Child Pickup  3:45-4:00PM    
  U1L1/6 U1L2/3      
  22-Sep 29-Sep      
Lessons are from            
Team Kid Level-up   U1L4 U1L5 U3L13 U2L9  
Leader Guides   6-Oct 13-Oct 20-Oct 27-Oct  
U = 1 of 6 Units   U2L10/11 U3L14/15 Thanks Lesson ThanksG  
L =  Lesson number   3-Nov 10-Nov 17-Nov 24-Nov  
  U2L7/8 U2/12 Christ Lesson Christmas  Christmas 
  1-Dec 8-Dec 15-Dec 22-Dec 29-Dec
  U3L16 U4L19/20 U4L21 U4L22  
  5-Jan 12-Jan 19-Jan 26-Jan  
  U5L23/24 U5L25 U5L26 U5L27/28  
  2-Feb 9-Feb 16-Feb 23-Feb  
  U5L29/30 U6L31 U6L32/33 Spr Break U6L34/35
  2-Mar 9-Mar 16-Mar 23-Mar 30-Mar
Easter April 17th    U6L36 U3L17/18 Grad    
  6-Apr 13-Apr 20-Apr 27-Apr  
  testing testing testing testing last week
no club   4-May 11-May 18-May 25-May 1-Jun
U1 How can we Know the Truth?
U2 Who is Jesus?
U3 Did Jesus Ministry and Resurrection really Happen?
U4 What is our Identity in Christ?
U5 If God is Good, Why do bad things Happen?
U6 How can I Tell Others about my Faith?




  by First Baptist Church, 3972 2nd Avenue, Laurel Hill, FL 32567 Phone 850-652-4192    EMAIL