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First Baptist Church of Laurel Hill,
1917-1950s Sketch by Mark Curenton

The First Baptist Church of Laurel Hill, Florida was founded on July 26, 1896 and chartered under the Articles of the Graves Baptist Association

Rev. Wiley F. Martin was called as the pastor. Services were held in the Masonic Temple which stood on the grounds where the present building is now located.

In the early 1900s a new building was erected at Almarante, a central location for the membership.  The church grew until a new building was needed.  In 1911 a new building was erected where the Good Shepherd Church now stands. That building was destroyed by a storm in 1916. In 1917 another building was erected on the same grounds.

In 1951 the Church negotiated with the Laurel Hill Masonic Lodge to purchase the property where the church is presently located. The pastorium was built in early 1962. The Fellowship Hall was built in early 1970. 

The Church has had 29 Pastors and Interim Pastors over the 108 years since it was founded.

First Baptist Church of Laurel Hill celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1996 with a day of praise, worship, and fellowship with members, family and friends.

Much work has been done over the past few years to upgrade our church building, pastorium, and Fellowship Hall.

First Baptist Church is a loving and caring church with 132 resident members. Our congregation invites you to visit with us anytime you have the opportunity.

"May the Spirit of the Lord and His rich blessings continue
with this Church as we strive to do His will."
Rev. Mike McVay, Pastor

  History of Laurel Hill, Florida 


  by First Baptist Church, 3972 2nd Avenue, Laurel Hill, FL 32567 Phone 850-652-4192    EMAIL