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Laurel Hill School

  Good News Bible Club

Sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship of the Big Bend. CEF is dedicated to children between the ages of 5 and 12, providing Bible-based programs that demonstrate Christian values and beliefs. CEF has been active for more than 70 years and is involved in 158 countries around the world. All children are welcome to participate in CEF activities regardless of race or background. CEF workers, paid and volunteer, have been screened and trained for the protection of each child.
The local chapter is located at 4105 Crawfordville Road, Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 878-1558

The local club meets at the Laurel Hill School and is primarily promoted by First Baptist Church of Laurel Hill, with support by neighboring churches of all Christian Faiths.  The Okaloosa Baptist Association promotes the Clubs throughout the northern county. All neighboring Churches are encouraged to participate as this is a non-denominational presentation of the Bible to club members.  All club members require a signed authorization to attend and participate from their parents or guardians.  The parents or guardians will provide transportation to pick up their children and are expected to provide identification.

For information concerning the Laurel Hill School Good News Club contact Pastor Mike McVay at 850-519-0120 or Patty Harrison at 652-4734.  This is non-denominational and members and Pastors of any local church are invited to participate.

Copy write materials were removed from the WEB.   E-MAIL 

Those wishing to sign up and help, need to contact Pastor Mike 
for security documentation and classes as required.  



  by First Baptist Church, 3972 2nd Avenue, Laurel Hill, FL 32567 Phone 850-652-4192    EMAIL